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PDF save option?

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oma is correct. At the moment, the only way to convert an image to the PDF format in Paint.NET would be to use a PDF 'printer'. It requires no actual printer as this is a virtual printer, whereby the image is printed not to a paper medium, but to file instead.

Such 'printers' include PrimoPDF, Pdf995, and oma's mentioned pdfFactory (which is available for a free-trial, but priced for full software). The first two are free. You can also scroll through Download.com or Google to look for alternatives.

There are other pieces of software to convert with, but the easiest to implement when using Paint.NET would be to use of these printers.

Does this help?

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Select each file in Windows Explorer then 'Print'.

But whoa! Hold on there Urnemanden, necroposting galore!

Three months is the limit before the topic is classified as 'dead', it has been almost a full year.

You've been here long enough to not have known about the Rules (in this case, [rule=11]Rule 11[/rule]). There is no excuse.

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