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Effect on font like this

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I hope that you can follow a tutorial without pictures!

1. Write your text :TextTool: on its own layer colored black.

2. Use :MagicWandTool: at 0% tolerance with the flood mode set to "global" and select the empty space

3. Ctrl-I to invert your selection and make a new layer :AddNewLayer:. You should now have a text-shaped selection.

4. Make your gradient :GradientTool: with whatever colors you like and then deselect

5. Change the blending mode of the gradient layer to "Screen" to soften up the edges

6. Ctrl-Shift-F to flatten and you're done!

If you also want that faint border around the letters read on:

7. Don't flatten the image yet. Duplicate the original text layer :DuplicateLayer:

8. On the bottom text layer apply a Gaussian blur at 1px

9. Use :MagicWandTool: to select the empty space again. This time tinker with the tolerance until the selection is almost right up against the letters (I used around 15%)

10. Ctrl-I to invert selection again. Fill :PaintBucketTool: the selection with black (make sure the tolerance is at 100%)

11. :Properties: Lower the opacity of that layer until you have a nice, soft outline.

Here's my result:


As with any tutorial, be sure to tinker with each step to get the effect that is right for you.

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to improove the shadow\lighnings:

Use a second vertical gradient with Black and White on a new layer.

blend mode: "Glow"

Hers my attempt:


What I have done:

1. New Layer

2. Wrote text

3. Dublicated

4. Used the "Outline" [no "Outline Object"!] Radius: 2 Strength: 4

5. Blendingmode of the Borderlayer: Normal, Opacity: 80

6. Used the horizontal Black\White gradient on a new layer [on top]

7. Blendingmode of Gradientlayer: Glow, Opacity: 255

7. Swiched to textlayer.

8. Used magic wand and selected the space [global mode to select the space inside the O, too]

8. swiched to the Fradientlayer and pressed ENTF

9. done.

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