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Using Forum Layout and Rules?


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I was just wondering if i was to make a free forum for my own product could i use the same forum board titles and boards as the PDN forums? The same goes with the rules, can i adapt the rules to suit my own product (altering the content into what suits)?

If not, sorry for the inconvenience (suspect if anything the rules or layout will be protected by some sort of law).


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The forum runs off the software known as phpBB in version 3.0 http://www.phpbb.com/ and it comes with this style.

We use a forum provider called forumer http://www.forumer.com as well.

As for the rules, I'm not the one to day.

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yeah i know the template comes from forumer.net because its a free forum i believe? I was just checking if i can use the same boards without annoying anyone?

As for the rules, it would be editing them to suit my specific program, i can put a post-comment of "template from getpaint.net" or something? I dont mind as long as everyone's happy.

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You just want to use similar forum section names ("General Discussion", "Troubleshooting & Bug Reports", etc.) ? Sounds fine to me.

As for the rules, take whatever you'd like. It's common practice to see what other forums use for rules and to copy + adapt them to suit your own needs. No need for attribution.

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