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The Famuos Firey Text Plugin????

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By months I try to do the Firey Text but it doesn´t work and I don´t know What´s Wrong simple clueless.

It is too much to ask that somebody do some ***PLUGIN*** that do the hard work for us I mean people that is not a PRO like me.



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Honestly, just follow the tutorial. It may be hard work but it's worth it to learn a bit. Personally, I avoid plugins almost entirely because I find too many of them restrictive - they give you too specific of a result with little creativity on the artist's part. By following tutorials you can learn not only how to achieve a certain effect but how to use Paint.NET in general to create whatever you want.

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It´s me again, after 2 months and try 500 times I finally get it

For those who still struggleling with the tutorial some tips

Step #1.

On the layer text white font and black background. Choose Arial black, font size #108, gausian blur #20.

STEP #2.

Add New Layer (clouds)

On layer clouds on the window (LAYERS) double click on the layer to open (Layer Properties) on blending mode box choose ( DIFFERENCE )

On windows clouds effects >render>clouds choose Scale #510, roughness #0.45, blend mode box choose ( NEGATION ). PRESS OK then press ( CTRL+F ) and you will see how the text cange with the clouds and stop when you get a form you like it. almost 20 times


The same like Tom Jackson tutorial viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2758

Menu>adjustments> levels hit reset output area change to 128, 2.0, 0.


The same like Tom Jackson tutorial

Menu>adjustments> levels hit reset Input area change 210. then

IMPORTANT: On this step on the windows ( Layers ) move layer text first place and clouds layer second.

Then double click on layer text to open layer properties and choose blend mode box ( NEGATION )

Step #5

From here is the same like Tom Jackson tutorial


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