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Fonts with no English Letters


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I'm an happy user of Paint.NET.

Recently, I've installed several fonts that happen not to have English letters (only Hebrew letters and numbers).

This doesn't work terribly well with Paint.NET, as it displays the font name using the font itself. But if no English letters are available - this is a problem.

I suggest that, if possible, this case would be detected - and the names of such fonts be displayed using some common known-to-exist font.

One such font, for example (for testing purposes) can be found in http://hafontia.oketz.com/elhanan.zip.

The font is free for non-commercial use (which is explained on the site, but in Hebrew).

I'll be happy to provide further information if needed.

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This is most likely not a Paint.NET problem but a Windows problem. Some fonts that were made in other langs may need you to install some default langs and fonts from the Windows CD.

Edit:Wait this user posted this back in Feb and has never came back.

Well I hope that helps anyone else with this problem but I got a feeling that no one else is looking for an answer to this :roll:. GuhhtarrPlayyurr I know people been telling you to stop looking for 100 day old post just to post 3 lines in to up your post count in the tutorials part of the forums. But can you not do that here as this is Troubleshooting & Bug Reports and all it doing is pushing newer problems down the list and replacing then with old problems.

Not trying to get on your bad side or anything, just asking you to respect the rules so people who need help now can get it.

Thank You,


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