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Laptop or desktop?


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I'm looking to buy a new PC, I will be using Paint.NET along with games and etc. what do you think I should get a laptop or a desktop PC ? It doesn't really matter about the prices its just which one is best for programs such as Paint.NET.

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The best desktop at a given moment in time is always better than the best laptop at that same time.

Laptops are balanced between the amount of power they use and how good they are, desktops on the other hand are just made to be as good as possible (within their price class of course..)

It's hard to overclock something in a laptop - they get too hot already!

And they're hard to upgrade..

Their harddisks have a shorter life if you carry it around a lot

Of course, all this doesn't count if you want to take it with you. Laptops were invented to be portable, not to be high-end computers, so that is what they are: portable but not the best.

So if you're wondering about what to get, ask yourself whether or not you're going to carry it to work/university/school/whatever, if not, then get a desktop.

Oh and if you really want to play games on a laptop, make sure to get a proper GPU, not an on-board integrated chip.

If you're going to get a desktop and you have any space at all I would advice against LCD screens, their pixels can break and they're so big you can easily see them, their colours are weird, their refresh rate is generally low, and if you look at them at an angle you barely see anything at all.

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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I think there are too many of these. Just post it in the existing "choosing a computer" thread.

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