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Merging layers: changing colour while keeping background

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Hi guys and gals,

I've been using PdN for a short while and have stubled upon a problem I can't figure out, and can't find any answer to using search. So here goes:

To save you from reading it all, in short what I'm asking is this:

1. How can I (easily?) change the colour of parts of an existing texture while keeping the shadows/creases/outlines?

2. Is it somehow possible to make a selection and then fill that selection with a texture/pictures instead of just a colour?

The long story:

I want to change the colour/texture on an existing texture sheet, while keeping the shades and creases in the original. This sheet (it's actually background for a UV-map) contains textures for several models (the textures are costumes for use in a game). I only want to change the colour of one particular costume in this sheet. To add to the problem, I only want to change some parts of that costume-texture, as there are pieces of leather in it, which I'd like to keep in original colour.

Instead of just editing the colour, is it possible somehow to make a selection and then inserting a new texture/picture into that selection? Or put another way; is it possible what I have made a selection from the background, added a new layer, to save that selection as an outline over an existing picture? You can clearly see I'm confused here... :oops:

So here's how far I've got:

*I've fiddled around with the magic wand trying to select only the parts I want, but it seems getting it perfect this way would take me months and still not give a good result.

*Selecting the whole texture for the costume with the magic wand and then go change the RBG values kindof works, but again, I face the problem with the bits I dont want to change. There are way too many nuances in the colouring to use magic wand to deselect; is lassoing the only way?

*I've got a tip to desaturate the original texture, selecting and add to another layer and then fill the selection with a new colour, but I haven't got to try it yet (I'm at work); will this work?

Thank you for reading! Really hoping some kind soul around here is willing to help :wink:



edit: typos

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1. This plugin should help


I have a post in there helping another to understand how the plugin works.

Check it out if you have problems with the plugin.

2. Depends on what texture you wanna fill.

When you click :PaintBucketTool: you will see "Fill" drop down menu.

Besides "Solid color", there are some textures you can pick.

2a. If #2 doesn't do it for ya. This plugin might help


3. If I am not understanding your questions, post some sample pic so we can help you better.


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not sure from your post exactly what you are asking but there was another fellow that wanted to change colors of costume for game figures this is the post viewtopic.php?f=12&t=22680&p=142343&hilit=color+to+alpha#p142343 where his problem was resolved perhaps read this and let us know if this is of any help.


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