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Save bitmaps with a *.pdn template

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I use a *.pdn file for many bitmap pictures with different layers.

Is there an easier way to save each picture than

1. Change the layer(s)

2. File -> Save as... -> {Enter picture name} -> choose *.bmp as file type -> Save

3. Flatten

4. Ctrl + Z

I would like to do only step 1. and 2..

Is this possible to speed up the whole thing?

Thanks in advance.

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I honestly don't see why this is necessary. If you're working on an image with multiple layers then most of your incremental changes should simply be saved to the pdn file. When you're done and want to share the picture then you go through the whole save as thing to get the bmp. Sure it might be a little annoying but we're talking one extra mouse click and one keyboard command :?

Actually, here's a slightly easier way. Before you save as bmp, do a normal save for the pdn file. Then after you do the save as go to File>Open Recent and the pdn version will be the second on there. On second thought this probably isn't any faster. But how else would you shave time off of a process that already only takes a few seconds?

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