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The Basic Contest #2(Video Game Characters) DarkShock91 wins

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Welcome to the newest contest. The basic contest is to see what members can do without plug-ins, and enhancements. The contest is a great learning experience especially for those who rely on plug-ins a lot. This contest only uses the core effects, tools, and adjustments implemented with Paint.NET.


1. Art must be completely done by yourself, and only Paint.NET is allowed.

2. Art must follow the specific theme given.

3. Art must be made with only the default tools, effects, adjustment and so on. (Meaning No Plug-ins What So Ever)

4. The max size for the art is 1280 pixels X 960

5. No Stocks are allowed, although if you are inspired by a image please include base image link.

6. You are not allowed to edit your post after submitting.

7. One week to enter.

Adjustments, and effects allowed



Please Click Here To Go To The Discussion Thread

This weeks theme is Video Game Characters, and you only have till March 2nd to enter



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Here is my entry:


I made three more version for the fun of it. You can view them in Album 4 of my Photobucket. The last one has an effect used though.

Edit: I also had to do that border manually since I couldn't use any plug-ins.

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While I am generally against there being 50 contests, I'm at least glad this is actually suitable for the competition criteria.

Anyways, here it is:


Now, some people may remember a similar piece to this, although I can remember that they broke the rules, so I changed it a little bit just to get it within the rules.

Lineart was done using the line tool, colouring done with gradients and the paintbrush, and the background is smaller versions of the main character copy and pasted A LOT.

It's even made me think about changing my avatar back to my old Nastasia one.

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention my "inspiration" or more like what a render from the game looks like: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/ima ... html?gs=69

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