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Fractalist Competition [closed]


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Welcome to the first Fractalist Competition!

What Is This?

In these competitions, you are given a set amount of time to make, render, edit, and post a fractal which follows competition rules.

This competition's theme is:

Fire, and variants thereof.

Be creative and come up with a fiery fractal. It dosen't even have to be red/yellow/orange! Fire comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, and forms. It is up to you how your fractal turns out.

The deadline is:

March 7th. Voting will occur for 5 days after all the entries have been collected and voting announced.

Rules and Conditions:

  • [*:2m7eendg]You must edit your fractal in Paint.NET. Please note, do not create anything in Paint.NET, simply change how whats already there looks. If you have a question concerning this, post in the
[*:2m7eendg]Your fractal may not be rendered with raster graphics software and must be made in a fractal-specific program. All fractal programs are allowed (ex. apophysis, chaoscope, ultra-fractal, fractal explorer).
[*:2m7eendg]This thread may be only used for posting entries. Talk about the competition in the
Fractal Discussion thread.
[*:2m7eendg]You may only submit one entry.
[*:2m7eendg]You should not have to use any stock photos because this is fractaling!
[*:2m7eendg]Don't use a previously made fractal or a project file or a flame file, etc. It must be new.
[*:2m7eendg]Do not post 'placeholders' in this thread.
[*:2m7eendg]Your fractal may be any decent-size resolution. Remember, the bigger, the better (at least most of the time ;))
[*:2m7eendg]You must use the entry temple below to submit your fractal.
[*:2m7eendg]Once you submit your entry, you cannot edit it any further.
[*:2m7eendg]The use of scripts is forbidden.
[*:2m7eendg]All entries are due as of March 7th. At which time I will collect entries and set up voting.

If your fractal violates any of the above it will be disqualified. However, so long as you have time to create another, you may do so.

Entry Template:

Fractal Name:

Fractal Image: [please provide a link to reduce loading time, mostly because fractals tend to be large.]

How was it edited in Paint.NET:

Other Notes:

Have a great time fractaling!

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"

[ dA Paint.NET Chat :: Yata on dA ]

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Fractal Name: Molten Sunset

Fractal Image: http://yatagratsu.deviantart.com/art/Mo ... t-78340446

How was it edited in Paint.NET: I added the border and adjusted the color/brightness slightly using brightness/contrast and hue/saturation.

Other Notes: I created this in Apophysis 3D Hack.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"

[ dA Paint.NET Chat :: Yata on dA ]

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Sozo, I'm sorry but I asked for no previously made fractals/project files :(;)

Feel free to create another and just update your post.

Ras: Keep discussion in the other thread.

My bad, well, I'm actually already rendering one... I'll withdraw for now and post again later.

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How do you make fractals in PdN?

I'd really like to learn.

Um... other than Render->Julia and Render->Mandelbrot, you don't.

Oh yeah. I just noticed they edit them. :D

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