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Does anyone know how to color spot a B&W pic? Please help me

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I'm new to Paint and I don't know what to do.

I want to change a black and white picture into a picture with blue tones only.

This picture: (The one I'm trying to fix.)


.. Into this kind of picture: (With blue tones only.)




Can someone help me, please?

Thanks, I appreciate it.

And is there a color-blending tool, or something like that, somewhere?

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Curves and Levels have individual R, G, B selection that can be used.....

I copied the image, used Black & White to eliminate the Sepia tint....then used levels to set the luminosity.

Then use the Effect-Color-Color Tint which can quickly select the Blue and adjust it for the specific darkness....

Note: the Color Tint works like other classic Colorize filters and desaturates the image and doesn't require using Black & White to desaturate ...but.. I prefer desaturating, setting contrast and luminosity using Levels, sharpening then adding color tint....

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