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Embedded Thumbnails in photos not updated on Save

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I've manipulated a couple of my photos with PDN and am very happy with the results, however Explorer continues to show the original thumbnail image from when I last created the image or edited it with another processor (such as Bibble which I use for RAW image conversion as PDN doesn't support .PEF files.)

I undertook a forum search and found one or two references to thumbnails not updating due to explorer not having been refreshed, however when I use photome to look at the embedded info in the JPEG files that I have generated, the original thumbnail is still embedded.

For example:

I produced this jpeg file using PDN from an image that had been all colour:


However the embedded thumbnail can be seen in this photome screenshot of the EXIF/Embedded data:


Is this a bug - or is there something I'm not doing correctly?


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This is a known issue and will be addressed in the 4.x timeframe.

As a work around, do this:

Open your image.

Ctrl-A (Select all)

Ctrl-C (Copy)

Ctrl-Alt-V (Paste into a new image)

Save that new image. It will have an updated thumbnail.

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