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Simon Brown

Miscellaneous Contest I: Desktop Background

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Basically for this contest you have to create a desktop background using

The Rules

  • [*:1y71yn9k]You must provide a link to any stock used and no copyright infringment.
    [*:1y71yn9k]Voters will be encouraged to think about how much of the artist's own work the peice is when entering.
    [*:1y71yn9k]The entry deadline is 20th March 2008 and voting deadline is 28th March 2008 but this may change.
    [*:1y71yn9k]Each user may enter up to three times and these should be in seperate posts.
    [*:1y71yn9k]All editing to entries done by you must be with Paint.NET

None of the rules are backdated.

This thread is for entries only, discussion can be done here.

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Entry 2:

Ok, it's just another abstract, but I like this so much as a wallpaper!


:!: 2400x1800 (or other sizes): PM me

EDIT: Entry 1 & 2 : 100% PDN!

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EDIT: "Frozen Leaf"

Stock secured from Timothy Cizadlo Photography on a pre-release agreement (WOOHOO for fun legal messes! )

SVGA resolution, higher availble


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