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How do I make text surround a circle?

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Hi. I'm new to the forums and in need of help. I need to make my own version of this image:



Alberti Cipher Disc

Using the Shape3D plugin, I get this effect:



Example: A-Z text after Shape3D is applied



My version of the disc, sadly, sans the letters

The settings for Shape3D (ver. I used:

  • Shape: Sphere
    -Texture Map: Full sphere map
    Object rotation
    -Axis1: 90°
    -Axis3: 180°
    Anti-Alias: ON
    Lightning: Off
    Specular Light: Off

Every other setting was as default.

If you look closely, you can see that the way the letters surround the "disc" in image1 (original) is exactly the opposite of the effect I get in image2 (my example). That is, in image1 the bottom of the letters point to the center of the disc, but in image2, the bottom of the letters point outside the disc.

This is close, but I really need it to be the same, since this is for a school assignment. Is there any way to achieve this kind of effect (to make the letters "surround" the circle exactly like in the original disc) in Paint.NET? Can anyone help me with this?


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