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Richard's Avatar/Sig Request!


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I am finished with TopHATslash's sig! It seemed like you like Halo, so :D


You likey?


Image code for you :P


Sig by CommanderSozo. Kiss him. Now. :D

*The above post is not to be taken seriously. The above post contains sarcasm, and if you were offended by the above post, it is purely coincidental

Sign here __________*

If you use PdN, don't click this.

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@Mike, sure I will.

@Nami, I'll make you one. Are you fond of gaming sigs like my current, or landscapes, or haikus, etc? What's your style?

Um, I like anything, but if you really need a theme for me then i guess i'll think of one an wait for you to ask :D

..if it isn't too much trouble...

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Okay, nd38, I finished the avatar. I expect to be able to work on the signature tonight, and should have it finished by tomorrow, around midday.

Direct Linkage:


I will attach both the signature and the avatar at some point, but I'm out of time right now.


Edit: Signature done!

Direct linkage:


And now I have both of them in JPEG format, so I'm gonna try to attach them...

Edit: Myehh.. It appears that everyone has seen both the avatar and the signature, except for nd38, who (grammar?) I made them for! :evil:



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