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Tool-tips or balloon pop-ups

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Apologies for my newbie-ness and blatant lack of understanding.

I have a picture (.bmp) of a seating chart. I need to make it so that if you either scroll your mouse over or click on a seat (don't care which), a tooltip type of balloon with basic information (acct # of seat holder at a minimum) is displayed.

I was advised that this was workable with photoshop, but don't want to pay for the license. Is this possible with paint.net?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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this might be not-paint.net related, but you CAN do this in MS Word. If you don't mind typing up names again:

1. Type each name in its correct seating chart area in Word.

2. Highlight a word, and go to Insert > Hyperlink (Ctrl+K).

3. In "File or Web page name", type "#null".

4. Click "ScreenTip" and type whatever info you want to display (like your acc number)

5. Hit "Ok".

6. Now, the word should appear blue and when you put your mouse over the word, it should display the "ScreenTip" info.

Hope I was helpful?

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