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Request: 'Layer Independent Selections'

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I have the following request:

In some applications (Photoshop e. g. - I believe) there is an option for the Magic Wand to use all layers as refernece (I know it sound ambiguos, you will get it reading the example below).

The benefit:

Imagine you work with a (e. g. black and white) drawing which has gaps in the lines. If you want to color this image with Paint.Net (or if you want to cut out areas), you have to close those gaps before using the Magic Wand or the Paint Bucket. This is the problem. If I want these gaps (mouth, eyes and so on) I cannot keep them. The only option is a time-intensive workaround.

With an option like the one I suggested, you would just have to create a new layer, close the gap without being very precise, and then use the Magic Wand/Paint Bucket tool with the setting "use all layers". This would be especially useful for coloring an image. Of course there will be more ways to use it which I don't imagine at the moment.


Basically the tool (M. Wand/Bucket) uses the areas and borders in all layers, or, in other words, treats all layers as one while in truth they are seperated.

This setting could appear within the "Flood Mode" option.


It would be a great benefit and would help me a lot.

Please note: I do not compare PDN to other applications and try to turn PDN in a freeware version of Photoshop. To be honest, I dislike Photoshop (don't search for logical reasons). I just stumbled upon this feature reading a book about digital image processing and think it would be highly useful. Therefore, I would be glad to see an implementation. Thanks.

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Why not just duplicate your layer and complete your lines on your duplicate? Then, you could use the magic wand on that layer and switch layers before using paint bucket. That "selection" layer could then be deleted when you are finished using it.

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