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Swaping heads between pictures? adding glasses or beard?

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Transplant head and adding glasses to an image?

I just discovered this program, I was wondering can you use it to transplant a head or body from one picture to another?

Also how about adding glasses or a beard to a picture? Meaning you have a picture of a pair of sunglasses and you want to add them to a picture of a person standing?

I tried searching transplant head but couldn't find it

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What you're going to need too do is get a pic of someone and you have to erase the background and body so the you just get a picture of a head with a transparent background. Then if you want to place the head on another body you'll have to add the head to a new layer ov the image you want to place it on and put the head in the place you want it.

For adding glasses than you'll have to get like a render of glasses and place them over a person's eyes on a picture.

I'm not sure if that was the information you were looking for.

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