Drop Shadow and other effects, KrisVDM's Plugin Pack (updated 2010-10-26)

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To be honest .. I actually stopped using a while ago primarily due to the fact it did not have an easy object align or drop shadow feature, two things I really relied on with the project I was then involved in.

I was still learning back then...didn't even know you could download plugins. I thought i'd recently give it another whirl to see if anythings changed..

Gotta say im impressed with what this guys offering 'for free' .. and i'm back to using it again on a regular basis.

Good job and thanks :)

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Hi @RoosSkywalker

That pack has not been updated for the newer versions of Paint. Last update to the pack was 2010. Fortunately all the effects still work in Paint 4.17

And yes - you can trust the link.

Hope this helps. B)

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