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Straighten a tilted horizon or roofline?

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New member here....my first look at this program.

Can I easily straighten the horizon or other skewed horizontal line in my photo? I have fiddled with the 'rotate/zoom' control under the Layers tab and find it very cumbersome to use. Is there another way?

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 has a simple two click method for this.

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Yes, you can! I use the black arrow tool. Here's how.

1. Your canvas needs to be slightly bigger than your picture otherwise it will end up getting cropped. So you can open your pic, see the canvas size and then open a new canvas of a larger size. Then copy and paste your pic into the new canvas.

2. Now, use your magic wand to select the area outside the pic. Then invert your selection so that just your pic is seleceted.

3. Now click on the black arrow (next to the rectangle select tool) and you will see tiny circles appear at the corners of your picture. Right click on those circles and you'll be able to tilt and rotate your pic however much or as little as you need.


Then you can crop as needed.

Hope this helps!

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