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BoltBait's Plugin Pack for v3.5.11 - Updated January 31, 2015

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BoltBait, can you update your website (http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/) to include a link to here for people on XP/3.5? for some reason it came up in google search, and it only had the link for the newer version.


I had the impression that PDN was not very useful because it had no ability to add or manipulate alpha in an image (except paste, where it was a hinderance, it wiped out the image!)… and then i saw PDN had the ability to have plugins… now all i need is a plug in that will rearrange the list of plugins in the menu according to what they manipulate (ie: transparency (distribution/reprocess), colours (distribution/reprocess), process content (S&D/replace), lensing (blur/reshape), Computer Generated Imagry (2d, 3d)) probably will need submenus due to the number available.

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Plugins cannot alter the placement of other plugins in the menu system. I believe there are one or two plugins which can be relocated in this way - it is not the norm.


Your best bet for bookmarking your favorite plugins is the Plugin Browser (link in my signature).


RE: 3.5 - I'm not sure if BoltBait is still supporting PDN 3.5.

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