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PdN won't open, blank crash report with it.

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Yesterday PdN crashed when i tried to open it. It had a PDNCRASH notepad on my desktop but it was blank. I tried opening PdNrepair under myprogram files/paint.net , but it simply had the same error as PdN. It just said " Paint.NET has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of somthing.... Please tell Microsoft about this problem... we have created an error report that you can send.... " I can't uninstall PdN either. I Downloaded Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 still cant uninstall or open. I have the newest version of PdN which is V.3.22. I dont know what is wrong with it. Thanks to anyone who can help :D

also i just checked to see if any of the frameworks ( i have more than one on comp , dont know y) needed to be repaired but nope. :(

Ahh, It is not PdN but its my comp. There is something wrong with the Windows Installer patch. Idk what that is but im going to fix it! PdN Rocks! :)

well i fixed the windows installer, but now i cant install PdN " Paint.Net setup front end has incountered a problem..." Once again trying to find out whats wrong with that.

well i fixed it YAY :) i get PdN backkkk. it was the .net framework. i reinstalled it for like the 2time for 3.5 nd about 3rd for 2.0 . 3.5 solved it yayyyy nd it fixed my other computer problems too :)

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I am having a similar problem - I cannot open PdN 3.20 with the same error message, cannot uninstall it, cannot repair .Net 2.0, cannot uninstall it, "repaired" Windows XP from the CD and I can still do none of the above!

The summary of Microsoft's error report is:

EventType : clr20r3 P1 : paintdotnet.exe P2 : 3.20.2902.32954

P3 : 47609675 P4 : mscorlib P5 : P6 : 471ebc5b P7 : 102

P8 : 33 P9 : system.typeloadexception

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I can do?

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Well, I'm not sure if it'll help, but you must upgrade to v3.22. That's the latest version, and you need it for tech support.

See if you can install 3.22.


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