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^ < v Game [Rules Updated March 1st 2010]

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I saw this on another forum...

What you do is say something about the poster above you "^", under you "v", and yourself "<".

Of course you don't know who will be under you so......


Don't be mean, or inappropriate

Please avoid being cheap unless you HAVE to... like this

Poster 1:

Poster 2: ^Is a man

If you get what I mean...

New rule as of March 1st, 2010: If the 3rd statement above does not apply to you, don't post. In other words, no starting with things like

^ is a liar

^ is wrong

^ no


I'll Start....

^No one

< Uses Paint.NET :lol:

v Will be the second poster on this thread :D

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^ lives in a dubious location;

< has a blood disorder;

v is using this thread to boost their post count. A question should form from this: who isn't?

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^ The person in third place who doesn't need a post count boost.

< That's me.

v Wonders why there isn't an actual down arrow on the keyboard. There's an up, a left, a right...but down has to be v! Why?

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