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Battle of the Email Clients

What email program do you use?  

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  1. 1. What email program do you use?

    • Other
    • Webmail
    • Windows Live Mail
    • Thunderbird
    • Eudora
    • Outlook Express
    • MS Office Outlook

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GMAIL !!! Why isnt it on the list.

GMail isn't a client, it's a service.

And that comment actually gets at the reason why I think this poll is fairly pointless; a great number of people are using web-based email without a client. And why wouldn't they? Internet connections are permanent, by and large, so there's little need for offline availability, and the online client is much easier to update, making for cleaner, less buggy interfaces. Not to mention spam filtering and virus filtering is immensely easier. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to get a virus on your machine (unless you're stupid or very, very unlucky).

But I'll let it stay open for the moment. See how magnanimous I am? ;-)


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i use windows live mail. i think it is pretty good, *shrugs* nothin wrong w/ it. and i like it.

I did try Thunderbird, but found using Live Mail far easier to set up all three of my accounts than with TB, which includes a Gmail account.

I am unhappy at times with Live Mail, for instance, no matter how many times I tell it to, or enter it onto my Safe List, 'paint.net@hotmail.com' will always be considered an unknown sender. Another instance is its junk filter: I add the offender to my Blocked List, and use the block and unsubscribe feature, yet the offending address keeps on coming. There is no doubt on a one character difference in addresses that I'm failing to see, so I'll let Live Mail have that one.

With all the above said, though, I'm happy with Live Mail and see no reason to switch to anything else yet.

...a great number of people are using web-based email without a client. And why wouldn't they? Internet connections are permanent, by and large, so there's little need for offline availability...
Although you are taking into consideration the majority, and my use is no doubt of the minority, but having an offline client makes it far more convenient to write multiple e-mails for sending at a later time, which is the sole reason I'm using the offline client over the online parent. Additionally, I can organise my mail and do virtually most tasks (bar sending) whilst offline, something that cannot be done whilst online with no Internet connection.
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outlook express is the only one ive tried and as far as i know have :D lol i can acces my e-mail through a website but its easier to have it linked up into outlook just like myrddin said...you can do things while your ofline aswell eventhough ive never tried or wanted/needed to :D lol


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