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How do I render colors on to a car using Paint.net?

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Well ok, i drew a car and want to know how to render the reflections and colors on the car....I know how i want to do the reflections, gradiants, ect, but i cant figure out how...please help.

This is how far I am, Its based off the Mitsubishi Concept RA:



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Forget the gamertag change. Its fine.

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1. Select a part of the car.

2. Apply a gradient.

3. New layer

3. This is tricky. Set the rounded rectangle tool to "filled shape" and draw it somewhere. Then use Layer>>Rotate/Zoom to position it correctly. Lower the opacity.

Sorry these instructions are not super clear; If you still have problems, PM "Pyjo", as he is really good at this stuff.

Pyjo is so good he made this:




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