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Sharing ScriptLab Scripts (.SLS)

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You should list which effects are used in the script. That way, the program won't cry when you try to use it. :-)


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Here's Mine for Paper.


and the SLS...


It's A ZIP File

EDIT: Effects Needed-





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Keep them somewhere you'll remember them Oma. A new file in my documents would do, or in with all your PDN creations, wherever you'll remember it.


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Remeber, for best result use 1200X900 image size, and you can modify the effects and colors in the ScriptLab plugin itself:

Concrete, by Theonlychad concrete tutorial:

You need, Solarize and Displacement plugins


Cracks (this is after blended two layers, the top zoomed out and set to multiply blending mode:

You need, Splinter and Toon plugins:


Seamless wood floor, two layers, top had motion blur and set to overlay blending mode:

you need, Dents Classic, Perspective, Point warp, Tile Image, Diagonal Lines, Jumble and Jitter:


Combination of wood2, cracks and concrete:

You need, Dents Classic, Perspective, Point Warp and Tile Image:






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