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[REQUEST] Layer import to photoshop (Plugin)

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Hiyo! long time no post :P,

anyways I'm doing a course in school and the teach likes using photoshop for everything, he says NO! to freeware -_- I've been handing in PNG's but I'm losing marks for not using layers (even though I am in PDN I just don't want him to know)

anyways, is there any way someone could try making a plugin that imports the actual .pdn layers in to a photoshop doc that notices them as layers?




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Well, if you use the PSD file type plugin (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1238), you can select PSD from the Save As... menu in Paint.NET after you've made it, and the resultant file will be a PSD with your layers intact. The Text layers will be raster, which may give you away, but your layers will be there.

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