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How can I make this button and an Icon?

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~you should try searching before you post a new topic as you may find many people have posted this question....also the tutorials section did seem like a place to check out before posting aswel?

For a start you have to have an idea to make a button! So for example a home button....you need to draw or get a home icon of the internet and if you are looking to make it look smart and have a glass look then check this tut out:


I think this topic needs locking as the search function is available and there are also many tutorials and other topics with similar ideas to answer your question!



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But I think it is not a Glass button

Thats a starter tho....you have to build on that....eg use some gradients like from dark at the top to light at the bottom....just mess around with it until you get the desired effect and look!



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