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Ok, so, for now, at least, and for some time, due to whatever reasons, .abr brushes don't really function the way they are supposed to. Yes, I do know about the plugin that has helped to some extent but the issue isn't really resolved.


So, since .abr brushes can't exactly function as they are supposed to within PDN would it be possible to create brushes that do function the way brushes are supposed to within PDN, even if they are of a different file format? I figure, if they can be made within PDN then many of us can assist with creating brushes or make our own or make and share them. Regardless, I know within the PDN community people are out there that can and do help it grow.


It's a suggestion. As long as there is a way that users can create brushes, like others do using other software to create .abr brushes, hey, why not? There is a lot of brain power and talent behind the scenes of PDN. I was just wondering about that. So what if they are not .abr brushes, as long as they do the same thing the same way?


Just throwing that out there.

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Yes, I do know about the plugin that has helped to some extent but the issue isn't really resolved.

Which brush plugin are you talking about? The abr plugin that lets you load brushes into paint.net? Or the custom brushes mini plugin that lets brushes be used to draw with?


Either way, even with both of these plugins, paint.net still can't use photoshop brushes to draw with on the actual PDN canvas.


If I understand you correctly, I think what you are requesting is that you want a way to have more brush shapes to draw with on the actual PDN canvas, and not just more brush shapes, but also custom brush shapes, sort of like how we have the new "Custom Shapes" with the Shapes Tool.


Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way for plugins to make new paint.net tools that can interact directly on the PDN canvas, which is what you might need in order to draw with custom brushes. That means paint.net it's self has to have upgraded tools or new tools added if you want to draw/paint with something other than the default round brush on PDN's canvas.

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Hi, Cc...and thanks for responding.


Well, I'm not all that techie, so, I don't mean to repeat things if I do, but, I was just wondering if PDN could make it's own brushes, like the .abr brushes function in Gimp and Adobe. They don't even have to be .abr. It can be its own PDN proprietary brushes that function the same way all of the .abr brushes function in the other software. I thought if PDN can't use brushes the way the other software does, functioning with depth, shading levels, etc...then maybe PDN can make brushes of it's own kind that work the same way. If we can also make brushes, as well, that would be necessary. Not referring to the brush tools as in the paint brush, if this helps me be more clear. I'm probably confusing people but I tried to explain it the best way as I understand it....I love the concept of using and or making endless brushes to use with PDN. As it stands, using converted .png 'brushes' does work, to some extent and some of the time.

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