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Improve the sig of the poster above you

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ill make a new one for you too chris im bored :P

Lol, Okay, is it almost done? I'm up for anything, lol I like to change up my sig maybe once or twice every 2 months. :lol:

yer its done and here it is

hope you like the movie 300 :P


oops forgot to add a border but just do a cinematic one

a cinamatic border chris is two lines at the top and bottom of the tag/sig.

it goes well with any tag (not sure about sigs though) :lol:.



"Maltese by colour, Catholic by heart, Paint.net by mind."

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Hey PDN Forum, I'm back.. Anyone miss me? I didn't think so lol anyway, Since I'm back, can someone try to make me a new or fix my signature? Pleeeeeeeeeazeeeeee :P

EDIT: Oh yeah, Sadly everyone knows I am still a noob and I do, Well I wouldn't say suck, But I'm not an artist, I'm sorry eevee this is pretty much just color changes... 2wh1shs.png

The post above probably has crappy art.. Just look past that

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