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Couple of Questions for a new comer

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Hello to all of you

Question 1:

The one thing I can't find any information on is "blending" under layer properties...what do all the options do...what are they for? I've messed around with a few as I've gone through tutorials. How do you know to use "Color Dodge" on one layer and "additive" on another? Could someone give me a rundown on these?

Question 2:

Whats the Difference between "Flattening" and "Merge Layer Down"

Some of the tutorials I have been trying call for one or the other, BUT... whenever I use "Flatten" my project is ruined...if I "un-do" and select "Merge Layer Down" I can continue on with the tutorial and get ..LOL...similar results

Thank you for your time.

-Martin :-)

A.K.A Leadrollerz

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Mike.Ryan52 is correct. Check the rules to see exactly why I'm going to have to say...

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