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New features suggestion-- Ability to create animated GIFs

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Actually Paint.Net is a 2D image editor, no vector animation whatsoever, but animated gif's are images in 2D that fall under the category of what Paint.Net can edit, so I think that in the future it's probable that we can make animated gif's, there is already a plugin that does it, although only for icons, go to the plugin section and see the Icon file Type plugin, it's sticki'ed

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Paint.NET cannot create animations as it can only edit one still image at a time and the MDI interface is not designed nor meant to be a timeline and plugins do not have access to it - they don't even have access to layers.

Wrong. The animated icon filetype plugin uses each layer as a frame in the animation - there's no reason an animated GIF plugin couldn't do the same. Actually, there is a very good reason it won't. UnFREEz is, as its name implies, free, and less than 20KB to download. No need to reinvent the wheel.


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