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Image Manipulation


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I am developing some algorithms to do spatial resolution enhancement on Air Photoes. The scanned photo is uncompressed tiff file with about 700mb. In dot net 2, it would crash when it loads this big picture. I downloaded PaintDotNet_3_22 source code, and I could not build it to run as it is for vs 2008 professional. Could anyone point me to the right place of the source code to load and handle pixel values cell by cell?

Your inputs would be much appreciated.



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I just did a test with a 20000x10000 tiff file: I just made a white canvas of that size, saved it as tiff, and opened it again, strangely it turned into 152MB file even though the size-preview suggested it was going to be about 760MB (I guess it gets compressed). What's weirder, some random coloured vertical lines appeared on the picture, and some parts became transparent..

I guess PDN doesn't like thing that big? (oh and it uses about 3GB RAM, on a picture that would be 763MB (10000x20000x4 / (2^20)) (where ^ is exponentiation, not xor))

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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