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Removing white with transparent object [Hi newbie question]

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Hi there nice to meet you all i am a complete beginner so be gentle with me i am not familiar with all the functions yet. I have a picture of a pint of beer i want to use but it has a white background that i would like to get rid of. I have found some posts on deleting backgrounds but its a bit confusing for me. I have used that magic wand thingy but i cannot manage to get it just around the object, it looks all messy and goes over the object if that makes sense. Would appreciate some easy to follow advice, thank you.


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welcome Firestorm.

A couple things to do:

First, if you read the rules, your post topic breaks one of the rules and makes the hair on the back of the moderator's necks stand on end.

To answer your question about cutting out the beer, please refer to this topic found in the tutorials section.


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When Curmudgeon pointed out that you had broken one of The Rules with your thread title, that was a clue to read The Rules and edit your title to fix it. :wink:

I've edited it for you this time, because you're new and I'm a nice guy, but be warned that in the future, threads with nondescript titles will be closed.

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I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

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