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angles a little tool I find helpful in drawing.

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ah, thats a really good idea oma, i never really thought of that, i might try that out, i have a tool i use while sketching on paper, thats basically a piece of lead and steel that bends and i can form it into just about any shape, not really sure why that reminded me of that but it did.


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I noticed your protractor was not entirely straight, so it might be knocking your angles slightly out. I'm not sure if you've found a way around this (you are resourceful, to say the least), but if you haven't - or have - I would like to offer this protractor as an alternative.

It's not mine, I found it on Wikipedia as a vector, which I then saved, resized to 400 pixels wide - approximately the size of your current one - then exported as a PNG. The image is also semi-transparent so you can overlay it on a layer without the need to adjust the opacity. But enough of the blabbing, here's the image (click for full size):


And here's the link to the original vector: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Protractor1.svg

Like I said, you may have found a work around for the misalignment, be it rotation or another image, but still, my offering for you to take as you choose.

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just a bad .jpg scann the one I keep on my working layout is in png. and I move it around as required. but I like your's much better although sometimes the half moon shape is easier to manage. and I like the fact mine has two grids each side. ie" 10 degree line one side I can see automaticaly the 10 mark the other side.

actually .... I think I'll keep both in my OMA supplimentary tool box they both shall be well used.

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