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zipping up files for forums?

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so basically i do a lot of stuff in MS word and .pdfs for teaching different things about art and PDN, i want to send a few of them to someone on the forums, can i zip the files up and then send them? how would i do this? ive seen people do it but im not sure how to.

edit: does this make sense^^leme no if it doesnt ill try to clarify




any buddy even no wat im talking about?


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Really just download and install WinRAR or WinZIP. From there, all it is is right clicking on the file in Explorer and going to the submenu WinRAR or WinZIP and add to archive. Hope that helps!

What? Windows XP includes built in support for zip files (RightClick -> Send To -> Zipped Folder).

If you want many other formats go for 7-zip.

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