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Pixel World!-The virtual PDN-Live,Learn, Draw!-

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very nice jerk, ill actually use that in a sec, im working on the roads lol, after i finish this intersection ill post what ive been working on.

edit: nice ill need that to eventually :P lol, im getting there :P


check out the main post, i did some road work :P or intersection work :P lol

edit: hmmmm.... your truck doesnt quite fit on my road lol, let me try to resize it lol, if not, ill just make them two lanes lol

edit again: wow this is a lot of edits

edit: here i resized the truck get out the main post, if you object ill take it off. no worries. :P


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ive been inspired to make my own little pixel town... after im done ill share it with you all

okay :P

edit: im having issues with the cube, i can fit it the one way, but the other way it doesnt match up


Can u give me the background image. and ill fix it (w/out cube)



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wow k.dig, 6 pages! people seem to be enjoying this. :lol:

here's my updated pixel person, can you include me in the front page pls? :P :



here's another character i did, you can use it as a new pixel world resident:


(and yes, she has green hair!)

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Right, I added some perspective to my "Earls Rick's Court", is it possible to add it now :?:

(a very frustratred Topezia)



and also I got this "furious housewife waiting for her husband come back :lol: "

to add



and here is me (I made the cat myself :D ) please add me!


and I am going to make the husband who's going to be beaten later on .... :D

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It should be an isometric grid...

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


"I wish I had never been born," she said. "What are we born for?"

"For infinite happiness," said the Spirit. "You can step out into it at any moment..."

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It should be an isometric grid...

^^^hmmmm, your right, im going to fix that now, guys im sorry about all the changes, once we get it right it should be smooth sailing


alrighty, i create an isometric grid with more 'plots', i didnt draw roads or anything in yet, i thought we could do that as we put buildings in, so the roads etc made sense.

edit: oops here it is isometricgrid.jpg

edit:looks good dc, guys im updating members, and going to add buildings right now, gimi a few mins.

edit: i added the isometric grid, and our new members :P. the buildings all look like they will work on here. i didnt really put the buildings on the grid in any particular fashion for now, i just kinda threw them on to give you guys an idea.


Support Our Troops, End The War

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