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Removing antialiasing?

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I've tried to use the search, but I couldn't find anything, so I'm sorry if someone already posted something similar to this >.<

I had this drawing that I inked and scanned to the computer. I decided to give it a try at CG painting, but I saw that the lines were antialised and made it look bad when I tried to paint a color. Is there a good way to remove it, but not make it look really jagged and sharp either? :?

Thanks so much for reading this! ^.^

Here's an example of what happens when I try to color something:


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OK, you should never put the color and the outline on the same layer.

I'll assume you have started with a black outline on its own layer. Next, use the magic wand to select the area where you want to add color. Create a new layer and move it below your outline layer. Select that layer and fill your shape with color. Finally, press ESC to deselect and Gaussian Blur (1) (or use the feather plugin or the object outline plugin). This spreads the color out by one pixel.

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You could also select the entire inside with the tolerance set to 68%, but this will only work if the shape is completely closed. You will still need to create a new layer, but you won't have to blur it.

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Here is how i often do it.

I mostly do all my work on a canvas double or triple the final size.

When I have done all the lines in a transparent layer, I make a copy of it. Then I do al the coloring in the lower layer. When finished I bluer the top layer a few pixels.

Flatten, resize and done.

But i am going to try BoltBaits methode some day. :wink:

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