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i have some sad news :(

this will be my last post for a while now because i have got photoshop and will be turning to that

my PDN life has been short but great!

and i might come and visit every once in a while and make u guys a photo.

so this is my last picture for a while

hope you enjoy...


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Solstyce that is a superb texture on your first spacescape. Very realistic. I like it.

Second one is very `fluid' thanks to that twist.

I agree with Frontcannon. If you have not started a gallery yet you should. Looks like you`ve got some great pieces to show off.

Getting away from space, mine is something I used in the food comp. A nice cup of strong tea. :)


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looks really bright for some reason...maybe darken the background just a tad to make all edges at least slightly visible. Awesome coffee cup. Not an expert on coffee and tea colors, but that sorta looks like creamy coffee...I like it XD

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I think I spot on the left side of the cup, lower line, a part where it goes a tiny bit over the side of the cup. It could just be in my head, since I see something similar on the other side that looks just fine as it is.

Other than that, it is an absolutely marvelous rendering of a teacup, especially the subtle but effective reflection on the side facing the vewer. It really adds to the realism and dimension of the piece.

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Thanks for the comments everyone.

Coffee? You can tell this is an American forum! sHa_hehe.gif

Never noticed those jaggies, thanks Chris.

Zizoiz I can see what you mean. Just seems to stick out a bit. I think it deceiving though because I used the shape of the cup to crop the line so it should`nt be any wider than that.

Now I`m off to get a real cup of tea.

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I really like the texture of the road. The grass is great, too, because the ground turns green when there's grass there.

Nothing bad about it except I don't like how you can still see the grass in the end of the mist, but this is all opinion. The planets are awesome, they're very realistic.

Good job!

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