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Image Umbrella: Realistic Images


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I'm working on an online game (it will take a while to finish, so don't expect any game yet), and the game is something like ogame, but then better and more rts-like.

off course, for a good game you need good graphics. So here is a galax I will use in the game (or I'll make a better galaxy, and use that one ;)) (and I may need a background in the picture, some stars, still thinking about that...)

100% pdn

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the white dots should be stars (as if you didn't know), but the stars need to be this big to actually use the image in the game. if I wouldn't use it for a game, I'd make the stars better. but it's impossible to make a game where you can click the stars to zoom in when they are just one little pixel that isn't even bright. I actually wanted it to be better, but it's just not working for me ;)

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I missed quite a lot haven't I?

Lemme start by commenting on stuff from the prev page:

@Crimson--Liking the battery! It's vexel-like :)

@BB00--Cool flaming text :D I especially like the flames at the base

@Oma--It almost looks like super-realistic cabbage :P Pity you were unable to recreate it :cry:

@Purple proximus-- Nicely done. Nice blurring on the skin. But perhaps you should do something on the hat? It's kinda just bleak black :wink:


Underwater scene. This time it's not just an abstract (people who've been on long enough will understand the reference to the other "underwater" piece :P )


I really like the texture I made for the ground.

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The ground looks extremely realistic, good job. The light rays, however, don't. Try using lots of white dots, then motion blurring at a high level.

Hmm... Guess you're right about the light rays. Didn't think about doing it that way though. Thanks :)

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There have been some really great post but PurpleP... your's is my favorite. Was that your imagination or was there a subject you worked from?

I worked a long time on this one. Not quite how I want it yet but getting there. Any suggestions?

Stain Glass



"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday." EEYORE

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:shock: Woah! I got a look to this section to see what I missed while away and what beautiful images I've seen (gosh you all make me feel like my works are just bloody potato!)

OlavKm, Tourist and Crimson: Really good good jobs!

Oma:Actually I thought it was a photo of a head of lettuce :D Isnt't a shame that there is nothing like i.e. a button which you can push and say save all the steps used for this file? :(

PurpleProximus: You got amazing drawing skills! It is beautiful!

JanettSue: It looks like lead glass mosaic windows you can see in churches, it is just lovely!

Gonna retire in a corner with a donkey cap on on for a while

Ciao :D

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Photo of Drawing...or is it?


Not realistic enough for this section?? What if I told you this was done entirely in PdN... ;)

Just click the image to see the original sketch (done with PdN's pencil tool). I was going for a crayon/charcoal effect.

blur, noise, median?

And maybe some Dents, Curves, Vignette...

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Splinter, Frosted Glass, Noise, Unfocus Blur, Fragment, Brightness/Contrast, Curves+, various Blending Modes and yes, Vignette...

No tutorial on this as I did not write down the steps and the image was flattened too many times for me to reconstruct the process. Thanks for the comments though. :D


Oh, and my tablet was used in the original sketch.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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