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The Perseids



My own recreation of a meteor shower scene. All 100% Paint.Net other than the foreground trees.




A recent image, and an attempt at realism. I don't do these too often so I thought posting here (also..) might be a nice change :)

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I tried doing one of my usernames in 3D using the drawing in 3D tutorial with changes to the process. I then used the trail tool to add a shadow.


For a more professional look I added a white to light gray gradient, and then I used the grid tool and angled it to match with my text.


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That's really beautiful, Ishi. It's well-done. Merry Christmas to you!


Thanks for the compliment Helen. I appreciate that very well.  :smile:


At least, a real PDN pro noticed my greeting card and think it ain't so bad. Thought I'd make something that suits the holiday so I designed that.


Merry Christmas to you too!

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Dunno, maybe over a year with PDN  but not much toying, not serious, only sometimes until last June when somebody on Facebook asked to me design a banner so that's when I became more familiar with the tools.


I got serious, did my experiments with 3D art, primarily relying on stuff like Gaussian Blur, Gradients, Bevel Selection, Outline Object, Drop Shadow, Shape 3D, Clouds, Dents and AA's Assistant. Those are the things I used to create the greeting card objects. I had to manually draw a lot with a brush and the line/curve tool. I love what I did with the bell, the gingerbread and the snowman.


Thought I'd impress my Facebook friends with it...

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Ishi - Excellent work! - we are encouraged to give 'constructive critism', but I can't see any obvious mistakes and all the separate elements  work well - so I'll just say well done and wish you a happy new year.

The Mystical Burrito - great user-name!
You have matched up the angle of the text with the background very well. Possibly some subtle shading at the base of the trailed letters would help the text sit more naturally on the background? - But generally very impressive!

I made this entirely with Pdn - experimenting with Furblur to make the sea (quite easy) - Sometimes looking at things for too long skews my judgement - does the sea look at all convincing?
And yes, it's meant to be bleak and grey - inspired by the stormy U.K. weather!


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Red ochre Plugin pack............................................................... Diabolical Drawings



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Red, a fabulous image! Very real. Definitely convincing! At first I thought it was a photomanip. I love the way the rays come down too & the bright spot.


Thank you also for taking the time to write up the tute. :D


Looking forward to seeing the ship Welshy.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Hopefully this isn't too big - a HUD from an alien telescope of the Earth...what are they planning to do? For the earth I found two images of a daytime and a night-time and used the translucency gradient to mix them together, but I had trouble keeping the lights while making it dark still. Never mind, still has a nice effect I think. Better watch out for 2019 then eh?

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:cookie-chocolate: I baked another one...

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:MoveLayerUp: ... Very nice.  I like how you've put all the different components together to make a very effective whole


I've been experimenting with clouds and had a freaky accident I thought turned out quite well.  The background is a gradient with 2 layers of clouds on top


Ominous ...



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... Blue 'Til I Die ...

My Gallery

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