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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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RHoward those are so graphic! lovely. makes me wonder what would happen in just one or two squares were given that vibrant drop of primary colors (red, blue, yellow)

ciao OMA

Thanks Oma! Just to answer your question, I filled in a few squares with a few colours....a bit trippy. I might make a similer one using a multi colour gradient to fill in the black squares.


Maybe I should've used a bit less colour? For some reason I feel I added too much

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@ RHoward wow , I like the first one without the colored squares .. looks so spellbinding :lol:

Thanks! I was bored and playing with random renders and effects....eventually those are what came to be. My current desktop is a variation of the firs one....

Here's something for you guys , I call it pink delight :D

http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b350/ ... elight.png

Very interesting....a bit bright for me, but overall, pretty awesome....like looking through a kaliedoscope(sp?).

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Welshy I would enhance the highlights - you've got great shadows and mid tones, but I feel like it needs more on the Higher part of the luminosity scale in certain parts.

Great texture, nevertheless :)

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@ Sokagirl very pretty ! I thought it was pink?

@ Welshblue That is so awesome it made my monitor overheat. :lol: I really like the animated one in your gallery.

@ Burningrock. Very nice but the colors make me feel funny. You might try running it through the color flip/rotate and see what happens. You might get a even more cool result.

It's early morning and I am at my wifes computer. I'm too tired and too lazy to get my laptop out and I have been wanting to get on this awesome beast and use PdN for a long time. If she were awake, she would be on it. :lol: It's an IBM workstation I bought her used. It used to work at the Federal Government as a graphics workstation doing either CAD or GIS work. I know what I'm getting her for Christmas now, a new graphics card. The one that is in it doesn't have enough memory to keep up with the quad Xeons. I think it's a 128 meg ATI Radeon (?) and it really needs to have at least 512 meg. but I would love to have more. Anyways, this is the first piece I have done on this monster and I thought I would share it with you. :D

This is Abstract Uno. When I got to over ten abstracts, I had to take off my shoes to count them. So I'm changing the way I name them. :lol:



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:O just like barbie Q lolz i think its like barbie q sig... i could be wrong... ^^^^^

soooo this is really my first abstract, well at least i think it's an abstract.. it's mainly brushwork and it dosn't really come under any other genre of art so i think i'll call it an abstract..


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