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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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@ Blooper , wow that's some work there .. It does look like a gun :mrgreen: :AddNoise:

@ Scuba , very nice .. That really does look like a kite and I love the color .

@ Burning Rock , let me guess Polar inversion :lol: nice color though ..

Here's my contribution to Halloween , it's supposed to be some sort of mask perhaps ?? A feather mask maybe ?


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Nice new abstracts sokagirl, what about doing some unsymmetrical ones?

And Aislin, nice mini abstracts, I like the brownish one

Optical illusions, Move your eyes around in this image you will feel that the 4 spirals are rotating :P , 100% PDN:


Does this picture move? hypnotic x_x

:lol: I know... it's not moving, it's just an illusion XD

Looks very well :D

But, how'd you made this one? this very nice illusion~ *I like it*

(I should'nt say it that often.. or? xD)



Look's a bit like fire or? I can't imagine any other thing's than fire... xD Fire... Fire.... FIRE!!!!!! x_x

Well... I think i'm a bit proud of the 1st picture, I like it very much! But, I really don't know how other people think about it.. so please.. tell me ^^







Well... That're "Im BORED" picture's I think...

I hope their not to big oO

(If there's any problem to read my text: Sorry but I'm German, I dont know waht's "wrong" or "right" :) )

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@burningrock looks like firebubbles ..very nice

@crystal-lake I prefer the third one it looks twisted :lol: the first one is okay but the second is over used just about every newbie starts with the polar inversion , which is okay but you can do more with that effect than what you have there .

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@ Crystal-Lake,thanks :) and I agree with Sokagirl and Aislin, I like the third one of yours, it is awesome:

Here is a Droste Flower:


That design is really awesome! Lovin' it. :)

First PDN/PS CS4 artwork piece...the lines+dots are thanks to Sharp's tutorial..the white thingy is a PS liquefied Will Smith. :P Halftone is made in PS as well...Color was really well handled in PDN tho.


Full Size.


Lego's deviantART.

La De Da...

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Sharp: :mrgreen: (Almost done, 3 hours in now)

flip: Give it a try - I'm sure like you said, that it's doable. Oh, and I would darken the left side of the planet - make the lighting more dramatic.

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

PDN Gallery | I Made a Deviant Art!

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