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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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:lol::lol: possum great secret now everyone knows. :lol: I like the use of a plugin you made. that is truly effective in that picture.

here is one I have been playing with. its an attempt to make felt/cloth texture. as you can see darker colors tend to look more realistic the light colors not so much. just love the redish pink portion it looks like there is a hole drilled right down into it.


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@ Theonlychad , I commented on the serpent swirl in your Gallery , so mesmerizing :wink:

@ Possum Roadkill , gee I don't know any better .. I'm no expert it was just my opinion , so you've revealed your secret .. :lol:

@ Oma , wow !! :shock: such brilliant colors .. beautiful job ; you know you are so inspiring to everyone .. :D

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Great use of plugins! The wire frame effect (can't remember the name of the plugin - pretty sure it's by Madjik) does a great job of adding to the sense of shape, texture, and lighting.

I think the sun should be in this kind of vector-ish style as well, instead of being blurred as it is - maybe running the Lightrays plugin and then the wire frame on it would get a good result.

Neat style, I like this!

Thanks, I tried to do the sun as a "vector-ish" but for some reason I couldn't get it to work out right. I've not used the plug-in much so maybe I was missing something. I think you are right though, it would look much cooler if it were that way. I guess I need to try it again. Good thing I always save the pdn file !

@ theonlychad That is a real nice image. Great texture to it. How did you do it?

@ nemo Love the falling water. very nice. I've been trying to work with water a little lately, but my computer keeps getting wet. :lol: Seriously, it is a really hard thing to paint. Seems like every image I have used water in, I have to use a different technique. For some reason, I can't seem to stop using the blue colors and get to a more realistic look like Ash does with glass. But then again, I didn't understand how to do glass very well either. :lol:


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Some great work I can see in this thread lately:

@Possum Roadkill, That is nice effect, like the colors too.

@nemo, nice try I like it

@theonlychad, amazing 2 abstracts, both are great, especially the second one, it has an excellent depth, keep up good work.

@oma, fantastic as usual, so pleasant colors and texture, it is a great painting to puton the wall. I love it.

A lot of work but simple image:



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i started with bars then used gravity and a lot of other things, then i had a very long red stroke with pointy things sticking out i kept taking pieces of it made them round and pasted them on.

WOW! i think i have a new avatar and sig every day! The above post may contain: junk, art, wrong spelling and a lot more!

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