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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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more avant garde looking now. gives a great movement effect when you scroll up and down the screen.


here is one I've just about completed. Do not mention the large naked area in the right quandrant. this picture will also become part of frame in my movie maker film on flowers so that area to the right will be the spot where the picture will show. It will be cut away and made transparent in that area.


large size and view of frame avail shortly in my gallery.

ciao OMA

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brilliant picture... although you need to read the forum rules all pictures must be 800x600 or less you are free to post a link to the bigger picture if you like though.


here is something i adapted from a photoshop tut to paint.net



"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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@adavisphoto , nice colors and glowing lines ..

@theonlychad , love the smokey effect how did you achieve that ? I know you said you got it from a PS tutorial but what Paint tools did you use to get the effect ?? :D

Here's something strange I came up with using the clouds , polar transformation and lens to get that kidney shape object ..


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I just finished the pdn tut for the pic up there Smokey text effect

oh yeah here is another text effect


yeah i kno the text could use some :AntiAliasingOn: but overall i like the effect

oh yeah here is an add of a abstract wall i made using a variation on my grunge signature technique which i haven't released a tut for yet.



"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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lol that's awesome =). I think If you added a little bulge to each place where the pea would be it would look better, I can see the texture lines you put there and they are too straight to look real. Also maybe if the pod was a little more realistically shaped (rounder) it might look better but it could also make it look bloody potato so I wouldn't worry about that. Good job!

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It looks like candle wax dripping off the ceiling, or like a burning cave, a mother's womb (??), something extraordinary emitting an aura of safety and security, a place where you can just be...

I hope someone gets my thoughts :D

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@Welshblue: lovely and fresh image and smart idea, love your images is nice to see them again!

@Ace9star9: I can see a nice flower coming from that! :D I would start adding some dents at very low values

I have a craze for smudge lately, this is a first sketch about something that could end up like a sort of Hyeronimus Topezia's Inferno or just like an other mess :lol:


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Ace9star9, I think it would look better if you would soften up the explosion blur, it looks a bit comic-like.

I just played around with various ways to create lightning effects (2 cloud layers, the upper one's blend mode set to difference gives a neat effect) and came up with this:


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@ Welshblue You have the most amazing imagination and the abilities to go with it. What an amazing image your I-Pod is. So very clever !

@ Sokagirl Good job on the recycling. I knew exactly what you were talking about. There are a number of us who recycle things that just don't get finished or fit into something but we feel the need to hang on to. There is always a reason we do something even though we may not recognize it at the time.

@ Ace9Star9 Nice job on the exploding planets. The light rays are exceptional and your choice of colors is spot on the money. Keep it up, I can't wait to see what you do next.

@ Frontcannon For some reason I cannot see your image. I keep hitting the refresh button but it never appears. From your description, I would really like to see it.

@ Topezia WOW ! Another wonderful smudge piece ! This one is completely different than the last and shows your range of styles even while using the smudge tool. Have you written any tuts on the smudge tool or do you have any tips to share? I use it from time to time and just realized today that I could change the brush. I know, everyone knows that ! I would be very interested in gaining some insight from you on the uses of this powerful tool. I used it a little on this piece below.

I wanted to do an abstract today to take my mind off of another project. I was experimenting on some new things and this kind of fell into place. I call it.... Out of the Ice....



SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

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