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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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@ emanda1964 Wow ! That is so beautiful ! I noticed that you don't have a sig or avatar. You might consider using this image to fashion a matching set.

@ Yellowman, You never cease to amaze me. Beautiful and intricate images. Stunning !

@ Frontcannon Nice image. Very stark but bold. Nice use of red as contrast. I would like to see more of the interior (small middle) part in the lower right. It looks very detailed but is small for my old eyes.

@ Goonfella, I downloaded the Drost plug-in and this is my first attempt at using it. I was playing around with some of the abalone texture and messed it up. I didn't want to throw it away because my wife said the colors were "pretty". So this was my salvage attempt. She liked it. That's enough for me....



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Yes nice first go at Droste. :wink:

The hearts look as if they are floating on an oil slick!

Thanks ! And thanks for turning me on to it. I know it will be fun to experiment with !

@ Oma ! WOW ! I left some comments in your gallery on this one. BEAUTIFUL !!!


SAC, WOTW and Photo Manip Competition Host

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oma, your picture reminds me of some strange alternate dimension hyper space continuum. :D

Definitely an abstract that's worth looking at!

My newest creation resulted from me playing around with some stock images I had.

My intention with this one was to create an atmosphere that represented the music this logo stands for (DnB), that means loud, fast and a somewhat agressive touch :)


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But that would decrease it to a simplistic "fiddle-with-effects-picture" :D

I guess so, but honestly it just looks kinda random and a little tacky...

Not trying to be rude. :(

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I can't seem to find a suitable approach to criticise your picture :D

It looks strange.. it looks illogical, difficult to describe. It doesn't look like something at all. And this is not meant offensive,

it just underlines the effect your image creates in my mind: confusion :D

With much imagination, this reminds me of a toy under water. There's this childish, simple look to it, though I believe that it took your long to create this image, glass effects aren't easy :)

Some 'lenses' look like seashells, though.

Maybe you could make a gradient in the blue background to give the water (?) some depth.

I call my image Blitzball, which surprisingly means lightning ball.


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Frontcannon : your remarks are far from offensive :) strange, illogical, difficult to describe, confusion...just the way some abstracts should be and the effect they should have. Like the Blitzball

person_321 : That would look great framed and on a wall

Welsh : strange enough i had friends staying who just happened to be West Ham fans :lol: like the piece and makes me think pendant

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@DarkShock , very nice . I love the color and the depth .

@A Fleeting Glimpse , love it . Reminds me of something cool on a hot day .

@FrontCannon , that's a neat lightning effect .

@Person_321 , wow , this reminds me of a mysterious tunnel . spooky

@Welshblue , your work never cease to amaze me . Beautiful :P

Well here's my snakeball , don't know why I call it that perhaps it was the color and pattern of it .


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I like that frontcannon but i have something you could add. You could make the water reflection a red hue. That would look cool imho. But altogether a great concept.

Edit: Also you could possibly add flames to the skull side with some clever layer blending


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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Frontcannon that is a thought provoking abstract. It has the elements of contrast white vs black, good vs evil., but there is not enough spark. It just requires some tension. That element of surprise. Like one of the others suggested one way is to introduce one contrast color. red is a predictable, but safe color choice. perhaps some pattern ? I think the good needs to be more joyous and celebratory, the bad more somber.

ciao OMA

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