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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

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@Soul, your second abstract 'explosion' is very cool.

My second one wasn't and explosion though... :roll:

Thanks, but I think your 'explosion' abstract tops it. Was my original inspiration, I just couldn't quite replicate the technique so I went a different way.

Much thanks man, but yours, IMO, is much better... :P

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Trying out some lighting thoughts:


Tools used: Line, Paintbrush, Gradient

Effects: Gaussian Blur, Zoom Blur Deluxe, Align Object (Always), Soften Portrait, Sharpen, Clouds

Total Time: About 45 minutes

To be honest, there is a stock, because I was playing around with some random site's background before I decided to make the pic.

So here it is, from Runescape.com, I doubt you'll be able to recognize it within the picture itself.

If you have any questions feel free to ask while the answers are fresh in my mind.

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

PDN Gallery | I Made a Deviant Art!

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Forum was down since yesterday?

Tilo.. Good job on last two abstracts, especially this one:


Plasma title fits the subject well, just keep it, the mixture of the colors you achieved is very good, smart using of PolarInversion, I like the result very much, thanks for sharing.

007 Nab I like the simplicity and calmness of the (scene) very much, I mean the simplicity of the view not the work, I know you spent long time to do that I can see all the details are perfectly done, the light source is good too and those (3 soft creatures) are nice too, well I like every thing in it you made a very good work, Oh and the colors (just blue and white woow)are so cool.

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nab that is fantastic! so soothing to look at. great revision of a rival program tut. :lol: :wink:




I cetainley agree with Yellowman about this one. That one is entirely a pleasant image to view all around. color choice is wonderful.


Well I'm very influenced by the books I read and the latest coversations on Startrek must have run deep in my subconsious. This is the latest play image I worked on. I just let the fingers roam the keys, as I thought of worm holes, branes, waves, cold temperature. The words gamma and nuclear, and time space travel.

"Deep 6 plus 9"


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@ Nab' ... loving the colours and textures in there

@ Oma ... another cool piece of work ... is it just me that can see a coiled rattlesnake shedding it's skin in there ? :? :roll: As Nab's loving the colours and textures

and the others above I haven't mentioned ... some really great abstracts there :idea:


... Blue 'Til I Die ...

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@007 Nab couldn't find that tut again been searching for about an hour now thru my history, but can't locate. It wasn't as good as your picture but had the same feel.

@Boude better pick up all the pieces of your head. LOL! sorry I keep doing that to you. Can I offer you a free sample of super glue ?

@welshblue no snake, just worms.

oma .. that is wow, so complicated I like the result very much, combination of many effects, they are like fighting worms but not from our planet and all other words you mentioned are also compatible, did you start with a stock, or it is all PDN from scratch? Awesome piece.

yes wormholes outerspace etc etc. I didn't start with any stocks, started actually with a torus shape. I first tried the one beta plugin but it was too slow to render so ended up using madjik plugin polygones can't recall settings but it was high high number of edges and stairization was fairly high I had to mirror one side across other to remove the large one color spot. EDIT: have pm'd you the settings for the torus.

its three torus shape on top of each other, decreasing as you near top. color hue , black white and curves+

I also used lots of rotate zoom

then maybe 30 other distorts. and of course polar inversion. shine additive. (the silver color must have stuck in my mind from the hubble pictures I saw on Television this week)

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