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Image Umbrella: Abstract Images


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This isn't something I'm really proud of...

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modernart11.pngjust kidding. It really isn't that bad...I hope


what I do all summer Emote Cursor Pack 'noob gallery

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@Juraiko1324 not bad I'm not usually drawn to grunge images but this one kind of grows on me after looking at it several times. can't put my finger on what's making this one catch my eye over other grunge style images but there is something there. I do find the text is a bit difficult to read. not sure how you could correct that ..... maybe an outline ? I think you used vingette maybe a bit lighter next time. think that's what is partially hiding the text .

@pdnnoob that has loads of potential. I'm always attracted by textures. looks like the center of a flower. try another color.... you might like it more. I can see this going as an underwater cave sort of deal with some blue tones.

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@ MadJik....the Magic fire, oh man that is excellent, those golden coins are falling in to the fire and create that yellow glare in those flames, just amazing, and the background is great also, it gives a good depth to the event, I really love love every thing in it, Magical piece,the fire is dancing like an Egyptian belly dancer, a lot of feelings in this work,Thanks.

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I saw a lot of work before, but I spent some time trying to penetrate the Polar Inversion plug-in, I got some good results but I still didn't understand or discover the unlimited abilities of this complicated plug-in, here are some samples with their cell units just to show how simple unit could generate a very effective image with just one or very few clicks:


This unit generated this effect:

Called this Sandalwood (one click, Warped):



And this unit generated this effect:

Curved Pipes (two clicks, Reflected and Clamped):


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One of my smoothest polished works yet had a fun time with polar inversion, gradients color flip, bulge crystalize and bevels. How does it look?


Don't mind me i'm slow like a turtle and confused like a drunk in a neighborhood full of apartments that all look the same.

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