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Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation

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Here's my attempt at colourising a photo of von der Heydte...





The coat should be a bit darker. My previous experience painting (With real brushes) helped me get the colours for the skintone right.

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Thanks Skitzo!

Here's another I tried:


It's not as good as the first. If anybody is wondering why the uniform has soe much noise in it, I tried replicationg this material:


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@ RHoward Man those eyes creep me out ! Pretty good job on colorization. Just a thought, the nose looks a little too red/dark maybe? But who am I to say anything I sure couldn't do that.

I found a tut for PShop a while back and thought I'd like to give it a try. My results aren't as good as the person who wrote the tut, but this is my first attempt... :D

Link to the tut ... eview=1&p=

What was done was pretty cool...


I also found this image and it was my inspiration...there was no explanation or even who produced it....


The stock images I used....

th_fdc932519.jpg th_FAN2050906_P1.jpg th_FAN2050909_P.jpg th_drinking_water_creative-commons.jpg

My resluts...


I know, I know, there are many many flaws to the final image, but hey I did it in one night.... I'm dog ate my homework....I did it with one hand tied behind my back.... and one eye closed....(not really... :lol: J/K) So what do you think? Anyone want to give it a try? I know some of you guys/gals who do the photo manip stuff all the time will smoke me on this one, so give it a try. IT WAS FUN !!!!

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Înteresting...I might try that.

Other than colouring black and white photos, I can't really do much else with the program when it comes to editing photos.

I started off small by trying to remove a soda can (Was Mountain Dew around in 1943?)




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