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Image Umbrella: Desktop Art


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There's hard lighting in the background, and not so much with the render- I would add a shadow to make it all blend a bit more.

(A shadow underneath the player, that is)

Good job

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Well, Barnezy & Chaz I really do like your work, very nicely done even if yours was done late night Chaz... hehehe I do that same thing all the time. Thanks you all, I really do enjoy browsing around and glimpsing into your heads through your work, I think you all do great.

I just hope my works anywhere near good enough to warrant being on here. Well, heres the first work I'll post since the new forums came to be.


It's titled: Iris of Tears

I did it over a very long sleepless night just after my grandpa had died hope you all enjoy it, I haven't used it yet for my Desktop bg yet.

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yo I am diggin the pic. Since you came on here to improve your skills Ill give my advice. What I would do is change the colors of the wires in relation to the background. Because right now the colors of your wires are static while the background is changing. What I would do is maybe make the wires lighter with the background. or something like that

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Guh :( I hate to post the same pic, but...this is a wallpaper that I made for my portrait orientation second monitor...hop you likes! ^^

Too big to show normally, please click:

Hidden Content:

Please tell me if you like them ><


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Here's what I've been working on today.


I'm going to animate it and hopefully even create a theme. :)

(I even made my ringtone)


I Love it. The use of the circles, the color effects, and the line designs for the sand really are amazing. It is sharp here and there, but overall, great work. :D


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This is one that I did after seeing a commercial for a show about a firefighter. A few of my buddies are firefighters and we all like science fiction movies. I had been doing stuff for a club I'm in all week (Dead Possum Society) and was in a Possum mood, so this is what popped out that night. Both of these are reduced from the original but not by much as I have a pretty small laptop screen that I'm working with.


I was going through a tutorial on here the other night and I just couldn't get it right. I was tired and frustrated so I started messing around with some of the stuff in the tut and one thing led to another and this all came out of one accident after another.



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